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3501 Aldrich Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408


Render Free is a communal wellness organization disrupting racial trauma by promoting whole body wellness for self-identified Black and brown women.


Disrupting racial trauma by promoting whole-body wellness for self-identified Black and Brown women.

Render Free was formed in recognition of the rarity of physical spaces held by and for Black and Brown women. Access to spaces like these allow racial trauma healing to take place. We are a community of members and a physical space within the Center of Belonging that encourages the prioritization of wellness through intentional connection, co-creation, introspection, and movement.

Our communal wellness space, which includes a cafe, co-working area, kids play area and community lounge is devoted to Render Free members two days each week. Encouraged by one another and often led by local practitioners of color, members are encouraged to utilize shared space for time of reflection, introspection, and connection to self, sister, and body.